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We are a North Carolina Unlimited licensed plumbing and utility company specializing in service and repair of residential and commercial properties. No job is too big or too small. We are trained to provide you with the solutions you need as well as the quality you deserve.


Whether you need a new septic system installed, a repair on an existing system, or have an emergency, Father and Son Enterprises LLC should be your first call. We provide exceptional customer service and will be able to give you peace of mind when you choose us.


A sewage lift station is an important component of many commercial and residential septic systems. When yours breaks the consequences can range from unpleasant smells and standing water to serious health violations.


Water may not always be as pure as it appears. Contaminants can come in many forms and cause a range of issues in your home and bodies. Luckily, there are systems designed to entrap and eliminate these problem contaminants before they can do harm.

Grading and Excavating

father and Son offers full service grading and excavating service, including driveway repairs culvert installation and ground work for new construction


A clogged drain can be very frustrating, keeping you from enjoying a hot bath or shower or even using your bathroom or kitchen faucet. Your business operations can be slowed substantially or possibly even shut down completely by something as seemingly minor as a clogged drain.

North Carolina licensed Utility Contractor

Father and Son is a Licensed utility contractor in the state of North Carolina, we can help with all of your municipal water and sewer needs.


Is there sewage standing in your yard or unable to flush the toilets? It may be that your drain field has failed. Installing a new system can costs thousands of dollars along with extensive lawn damage. Father and Son Enterprises has a way to rehabilitate the old drain field.


Pipe replacement is a method of replacing damaged or broken underground pipe; be it water, sanitary sewer, gas, or storm drain. In contrast to traditional methods, it requires no open trenching. No removal is needed for the old pipe as a new pipe will be pulled into place.


There is nothing like expecting water to be there when you turn on a facut and find out something is not working. A properly functioning pump is an important component of a water well. There are many signs that a homeowner may not detect. Let one our experts take a look.

"For 29 years, we've had septic issues of not being able to flush and backing up into the tub every time we got a drenching downpour or prolonged rain. After several pumpings and a new drain field, NOTHING worked....until Father and Son came to the rescue. After drain field rehab and the tank pumped, the difference was unbelievable. Miraculous is another word that comes to mind. No more days of not being able to flush. I highly recommend Father and Son for any septic drain problems."

Roy Taylor JR, Nebo, NC

"Outstanding service and support from Father & Son for all of our needs- whether septic, rainwater catchment systems, or well related work, Father & Son is our "go to" gang to get the job done!"

Alpo Portelli, Marion, NC

"I am the Maintenance Supervisor for a sixty + vacation rental home management company. In my business I never know what the next problem will be. Combined with the fact that most times these problems happen with a home full of guests, I need licensed contractors in position for emergency response as well as for scheduled preventive work. For all my plumbing and septic tank needs I have been fortunate to have been working with Father and Son Enterprises for the last two years. They are always available to take care of all my plumbing needs. Most of my work is about septic tanks and drain fields. However, they have been the best at working on lift stations, pumps, and controls. They are the best at taking care of emergency situations and have helped me out of a tight spot more than once. I sleep much better knowing they are always available."

Robert Phipps, Lake Lure, NC

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