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Father and Son Enterprises prides itself in knowing what you need and being able to deliver superb service when and where you need it. Let our staff evaluate your problem and make a comprehensive plan to solve it. See our expert services that we provide.


Whether you need a new septic system installed, a repair on an existing system, or have an emergency, Father and Son Enterprises LLC should be your first call. We provide exceptional customer service and will be able to give you peace of mind when you choose us.

Septic tank services we provide:

  • Drain field rehabilitation 

  • Drain line repairs and installation

  • Installation of septic tanks

  • Installation of complete systems

  • And much more!


For more information or to schedule us to come out please give us a call!

Grading and Excavating

Is your driveway looking rough or are you building a new home did your drive wash out from heavy rain we can help 

with all of your grading needs.

DrainField Rehab

Do you have Drain Field Problems?

  • Have you already had your septic tank pumped and still having issues?

  • Soft spots in your drain field or sewage running out on the ground?

  • Toilets flushing slowly or gurgling?

  • Is sewage backing up into your home?

  • Sewer smell on and around your drain field?


These are all signs that your drain field may be failing, and our drain field rehabilitation process could be a possible solution!


There are many reasons that could lead to your drain field failing. Not having your septic tank pumped every 3-5 years, excessive rain fall, a black sludge, called bio-mat, forms and seals the dirt off, tree roots, and/or a poorly installed system.


So how does the process work?


The process begins utilizing a hollow tube inserted into the soil. Next,  150 PSI with a large volume of air is injected into the soil creating thousands of tiny fractures. These fractures allow the drain field to drain, creating an oxygen atmosphere and the aerobic bacterial colonies to repopulate. Aerobic bacteria, which require oxygen to survive, typically live in the top 26 inches of the drain field and process waste much more quickly than anaerobic bacteria. This process can usually be performed in a matter of hours with minimal digging and damage to your lawn. There are no permits nor inspections required for this process.

Lift Station

A sewage lift station is an important component of many commercial and residential septic systems. When yours breaks the consequences can range from unpleasant smells and standing water to serious health violations.


Sewage Lift Station Problems:

  • Floats and alarms: Inside your lift station’s receiving well is a float that triggers a high water alarm when the well becomes full. To prevent accidental overflow, testing of the float and alarm system should be part of regular septic lift maintenance.

  • Corrosion: Sewage is extremely corrosive and can damage septic lift components over time. Your receiving well and all hardware and fitting should be inspected for signs of corrosion on a regular basis.

  • Pump problems: Common pump problems include short or intermittent cycling, worn out motors and problems with the check valve, pressure switch or other components. Listen for excess noise or vibrations, or for changes in the frequency of the pump turning on or off.

  • Pipe issues: As with all pipes in commercial plumbing system, septic lift pipes can wear out, become clogged or suffer from root intrusion.


If you suspect problems with your sewage life station, call Father and Son Enterprises immediately. An overflowing lift station can lead to serious problems, both with your plumbing and with your facility in general. We use advanced diagnostic technologies; including video inspections to pinpoint the nature of the problem without a lot of time consuming troubleshooting. All repairs are fairly priced.


In short, no one knows sewage lift stations like Father and Son Enterprises. Call us today for emergency service, system inspections, preventative maintenance and more!

Jetting Services

A clogged drain can be very frustrating, keeping you from enjoying a hot bath or shower or even using your bathroom or kitchen faucet. Your business operations can be slowed substantially or possibly even shut down completely by something as seemingly minor as a clogged drain.


There are typically several signs of a clogged drain that will alert you to a problem. The sooner you take action, the better the chances you can avoid major hassle.

  • Water starting to gradually back up out of a drain

  • Water pooling around your shower drain

  • Bubbling of your toilet when you turn on the bathroom faucet

  • Gurgling sounds coming from your kitchen sink after using your dishwasher or washing machine.

  • Strange odor coming from your kitchen sink


Jetting is an extremely effective method for commercial and residential drain cleaning. Jetting uses high pressure streams of water to blast away sludge and other buildup in your line. It is one of the most popular types of commercial and residential drain cleaning because it is so effective. We use special equipment that includes a hose designed to handle extremely powerful volumes of water. As the stream moves through your line, it breaks up all debris.


Call us today:

Having clogged drains can cause a large array of issues for you, which is something you’ll want to avoid! Call us at the first sign of build-up!

Water Filtration

Water may not always be as pure as it appears. Contaminants can come in many forms and cause a range of issues in your home and bodies. Luckily, there are systems designed to entrap and eliminate these problem contaminants before they can do harm.


When you call us, we will come out and test your water to find out what filtration system is right for your home!

Trench-Less pipe

Have you heard about trench-less pipe replacement and wondered what it is all about?


Pipe replacement is a method of replacing damaged or broken underground pipe; be it water, sanitary sewer, gas, or storm drain. In contrast to traditional methods, it requires no open trenching. No removal is needed for the old pipe as a new pipe will be pulled into place. This saves considerable time and expense, and spares the reconstruction of landscaping, sidewalks, and driveways. Even though pipe replacement is a recent development, it is a fast-growing standard in pipe replacement, and our low pressure bursting machine is unique to industry regarding weight and simplicity.


Pipe replacement is generally completed in three steps:


  • Step One: Equipment Installation- Two small holes or openings need to be dug in your yard for the pipe replacement repair method. One hole will be the starting point and the other will be the end point. This could be a simple pit in the yard, or a simple access point in a basement or above a manhole. No trench is necessary between these points. The hole that is used for the starting ping is where the equipment that is used to start the trench-less pipe replacement is set up. A long cable needs to be inserted into the end point and pulled out the starting point. This cable will be made of a strong steel. Once the cable is connected to the machine, the process can begin. The cable is what pulls the new sewer or drain pipe through the existing pipe.


  • Step Two: Pipe Creation and Insertion- Once step 1 is complete, the new pipe should be ready to insert as a replacement. This new pipe will be placed at the end point as it will be pulled through the existing pipe. The new pipe is the same size as the the old pipe and is made from parts that will be welded together. Underground sewer or drain pipe may not always be straight as there may be joints. The machine being used for the trench-less pipe replacement has a burst head, where a replacement pipe will be secured. The burst head will be attached to the cable that was set up in step 1. The cable will pull on the burst head while the machine is pulling on the cable. As this happens, the burst head will be forced into the existing pipe and expand it to make room for the replacement pipe.

  • Step Three: Equipment Disassembly and Touch up- The trench-less pipe replacement process is complete when the burst head has made its way through the old pipe and has reached the machine. This means the old pipe has been burst or expanded and the new pipe is now in place. The next step is to remove the burst head from the cable which should have been taken out of the pipe. The openings at the end point and starting point will then be sealed or covered. This involved filling each hole that was dug or replacing floor materials, if an access point was in a basement. The result will be an area that looks nearly the same as before the repair work started.


The steps of trench-less pipe replacement are pretty straight forward and is the reason this is one of the better pipe replacement methods available. This is a better choice than pipe lining, especially if the old pipe is too old or too damaged.

Well Pump Replacement

A properly functioning pump is an important component of a water well. Pay attention to the following signs which may indicate a problem:

  • Fluctuations in water pressure throughout the home

  • Strange noises or rapid clicking sounds coming from the tank

  • Spitting faucets

  • Unexplained high electric bills

  • Pump is turning on and off when water is not in use


If you are experiencing any of these, call Father and Son Enterprises. We can help solve the problem before it turns into a more costly issue.

Utility Contractor
North Carolina Licensed Utility Contractor

Father and Son is a North Carolina Licensed utility contractor, offering services to municipalities, engineers and home owners.​

  • Water and sewer 

  • Water purification and disposal

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